Rumah Puisi Taufiq Ismail

Taufiq Ismail’s Poetry House Located in a highland area, the area called Kanagarian Aie Angek is located on the Km Panjang-Bukittinggi Highway 6. It is there that Mr Taufiq places the most important inheritance for the continuity of homeland literature. There are thousands of books and strokes of his neatly arranged work. Being between two mountains makes the location of the Poetry House has the value of extraordinary beauty. As far as the eye can see is tiered rice fields with the Gunung Singgalang background. Houses that are at the same time like exhibition halls, store various kinds of book collections, were completed in mid-2008 and function as cultural centers, language and literature teacher training centers and become a workshop place for students’ training. The building which is on a large area is located at the foot of Gunuang Singgalang and Merapi, Nagari Aia Angek, Jl Raya Padang Panjang-Bukiktinggi km 6, West Sumatra. Taufik Ismail, a poet born in Bukittinggi is indeed known as such a person who is very concerned about the development of literature in Indonesia, he is concerned about the conditions of teaching literature in Indonesia and dedicating his life to improving the condition. At the Poetry House there are dozens of wooden bookshelves imported directly from Jakarta. In it alone there are more than 8000 collections of books owned by Pak Taufik Ismail. This is half of the collection of books owned by him. The other half is certainly in his house in Jakarta. Just like the shelves, these books were also transported from Jakarta.
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