Rimbe Mambang Forest

Rimbe Mambang Forest is a customary forest that is maintained for generations by the Dalil Village community. Various versions of history to myths have developed in the community related to the name Rimbe Mambang. Jungle in Malay language means wilderness, while mambang is a ghost. According to Azra (2017), the myth that people believe about Rimbe Mambang is the presence of a ghost post or basecamp that descends from Mount Maras, the highest peak in the land of Bangka. For this reason, no logging should be carried out at all for any purpose and reason. If the taboo is violated, then the person concerned is obliged to prepare porridge mirah puteh (porridge made from rice given coconut milk and palm sugar) which is followed by tahlilan as a ransom for his mistakes. The Rimbe Mambang Forest Management was officially carried out by the Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) Proposal after the issuance of the Village Regulation No. 01 of 2016 concerning the Determination of Educational Tourism Areas in Rimbe Mambang. The regulation regulates objectives, forest areas, ownership, management systems, community roles, and funding systems. The Bangka Regency Government welcomed the Dalil Village initiative by collaborating with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) to build a Botanical Garden. One reason is that the concept of a botanical garden that has 5 functions (conservation, research, education, tourism, and environmental services) is very relevant to the objectives of the Rimbe Mambang Educational Tourism Area as stated in the Perdes, namely for conservation, research and education, tourist attractions, environmental services, and improving the socio-economic life of the community.
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