Lambung Mangkurat Museum

This museum occupies an area of ​​1.5 ha which was inaugurated by Education Minister DR. Daoed Yoesoef on January 10, 1979. The Stagnant Framework of the Museum is the General’s Government, before the era of regional autonomy under management in the Directorate of MOEC Jakarta Museum, and since January 2001 under the Department of Culture and Tourism of South Kalimantan. This museum consists of several buildings. The main building houses a museum-style High ridge and architecture combined with modern technology. In another area of ​​South Kalimantan Province, the traditional building is adopted from the shape. The most prominent is the visible roof elongated oval. While the yellow is the dominant color of the whole building which covers approximately 2 times the size of the football field. The main building is designed to exhibit two floors of museum that holds the 11,965 permanent collection pieces. These collections can be classified into 10 types, namely, Geology / Geography, Biology, Ethnographic, Archeology, Historic, Numismatic / Heraldic, Philology, Arts, and Technology. On the front door downstairs, greeted with a whale skeleton along four meters. Ground floor exhibition space there is archaeological and historical space, while the upper floor is there Geology, Biology, Numismatic, Technology, Philology and ethnography indicating cultures in Borneo. If you are interested in learning the culture contained in Kalimantan (whether ethnic, traditional house, language) can be studied directly by visiting the Mangkurat Lambung Museum
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