Tebat Gadong Btanical Garden

East Belitung Regency is one of the regions in Indonesia that has a Kerangas Forest ecosystem, which is a protected ecosystem type due to the distinctiveness of the ecosystem and its ecological functions. In Indonesia, the area that has the most extensive and best cedar forests is Bangka Island and Belitung Island (Mackinnon, 1990). Kerangas has an ecological function as a weather regulator that maintains air stability in and around the heath forest. Besides that, kerangas also becomes a water buffer ecosystem and absorbs carbon emissions. Shellfish ecosystems have ecosystems that are unique and not owned by other types of forests. According to LIPI, Kerangas forests in East Belitung are considered promising to become botanical gardens. The characteristics of the kerangas are typical and there has never been a botanical garden with a previous kerangas ecosystem in Indonesia. The location of the kerangas in the middle of the city is also very suitable to be used as a botanical garden because it can support the lives of surrounding communities. This botanical garden is planned to be made on the Tebat Gadong City Forest area, Manggar District, East Belitung Regency with an area of ​​96.04 ha. The development of Tebat Gadong City Forest land into a botanical garden will require careful planning. A botanical garden must be able to balance the function of biodiversity conservation with the function of recreation / educational tourism. The two main functions must be able to complement and support each other, so that a process of planning and designing the Keranggas Tebat Gadong Forest Botanical Garden is needed. Planning will provide direction for development, strategy, programming and phases of development, so that the development of botanical gardens can be carried out in harmony with government programs, in accordance with local ecological and socio-cultural conditions, and in accordance with the capabilities of local governments. The design will provide spatial and technical direction for various things needed to improve conservation functions and educational tourism functions with consideration of safety, comfort, aesthetics, and operational ease.
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