Pusat Primata Schmutzer

Schmutzer Primate Center at Ragunan Zoo is a place for preservation of primates in ragunan zoo. Even though they are in a ragunan zoo, the management is not handed over to the physical zoo, but by the private sector whose funding comes from The Gibbon Foundation. Schmutzer Primate Center was established as a means of education and entertainment for its visitors. The Schmutzer Primate Center Logo Like the San Diego Zoo, primate life in Schmutzer is designed like an animal’s free life (without cages), for example the cages of Gorillas and orangutans. A cage like this is called an enclosure Minimum places for visitors are provided, such as walking trails, playgrounds and learning or cave entry, and maximum living space in animals. The Schmutzer Primate Center also has a museum, library and small cinema theater about primates in Indonesia and the world. Because visitors are not allowed to bring food in, the Schmutzer environment is very clean. Examination of this is strict, right the safekeeping of the goods is safe and neat. Visitors are checked before entering, even sweets will be confiscated in the place of storage. Drinking water is provided free in the garden with a shower of drinking water at every point in the zoo. In addition to manicured animals, all plants in Schmutzer are given a nameplate based on their Latin names for visitor information. This Primate Center is still under development and some parts are still in progress. For example the development of the 2nd gorilla enclosure for male gorillas without partners. In 2006 the primate center was fully handed over to the Jakarta ragunan zoo.
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