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By utilizing the information on www.Geotourism.Center and www.Geotourism.Guide you are agreeing to the following set of terms and conditions:

The knowledge contained herein is shared under the terms of the Heritable Innovation Trustâ„¢. Having been finalized in the Napo province of Ecuador, Mongolia, and the East New Britain and New Ireland provinces of Papua New Guinea and continuing the Trust registered in East New Britain it is not subject to any expiration of copyright under any international convention. The knowledge contained herein is held in a perpetual, inalienable trust that shall benefit the knowledge stewards and their off-spring without term or expiration. Any use of this information other than as authorized under the Heritable Innovation Trust is prohibited.

In reading, observing, sharing, modifying, adapting, or using this knowledge the reader affirms and agrees to participate in the reciprocal nature of information sharing embodied by this Trust. Specifically, anyone in possession of any material contained herein affirms, a priori, that any use of this information will be beneficially shared with the individuals who first shared the information. Should any commercial use be made, not only shall a share of all proceeds be shared with the Trust Stewards but, all information, designs, modes of distribution, information on sales and marketing are required to be taught to the Trust Stewards and any manufacturing process deployed must be done in partnership with the Trust Stewards. Participants are granted access to the knowledge contained herein assuming acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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