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Please allow us to humbly introduce Geotourism Indonesia, the community-based tourism promotion program produced by the Local Routes Foundation.

What is Geotourism?

Geotourism Indonesia is an amazing, beautiful and useful product for tourists. The voucher based product includes:

  • The Very Best Tourism Map
  • Online and Offline games including Treasure Hunts!
  • Coupons and Discounts for Food, Drinks, Shopping and Attractions

The most amazing thing about Geotourism Indonesia is that, in addition to being a world class tourism information program, it is also nonprofit program creating activities and opportunities for youth and young adults.

How does Geotourism work?

Today you can join an elite list of business that share Geotourism with customers as a promotional gift or a high value low cost product to improve your bottom line. Every tourist can make us of Geotourism.

With Geotourism you can combine your promotion with CSR to improve your image AND your bottom line. Some businesses even offer the vouchers to customers for free because the promotional value is so much greater than the actual cost of the vouchers!

In the documents below we present the options for obtaining Geotourism Indonesia product vouchers and marketing collateral. The options listed here are not exhaustive and we are happy to inform you of additional options when we meet.

Due to high quality of the program, only a few limited distributorships are available. Please contact us to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience to finalize details.


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