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Geotourism Indonesia is a tourism information and promotion program offering top quality promotion options for Indonesian brands. The program is different from every other tourism promotion program available today and provides a unique, high quality and low cost value for your company. Read on to find out more!

Media Sponsorship – What is it?

The Geotourism Indonesia Media Sponsorship is the perfect way to showcase your brand to tourists in Indonesia. As a media sponsor your brand logo will be featured prominently on Geotourism promotional media across the tourism area within the airport, and at restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Triple Benefits: Positive Image, Marketing, and CSR

No other tourism promotion program can compare to Geotourism value offering for your brand. Geotourism is widespread promotion targeted at tourists with disposable incomde, offers high quality high value promotional media, and is distinctive because the program is specifically designed with social, charitable impact. Geotourism works with local foundations to provide opportunities and activities for youth and young adults. Tourists are aware of the positive impact of Geotourism, and your media sponsorship will create an intense and positive image for your brand. With Geotourism you can accomplish high value low cost marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the same time!

about the high quality and tremendous value of your brand. Geotourism is an “A” grade world class tourism information program with top quality tourism information. But Geotourism Indonesia is much more, too. Your brand will be showcased a wide variety of benefits to disadvantaged people while simul is a high value, low cost promotional package for brands. Media Sponsor Brand logos are featured prominently on the flyers that tourists receive when they pass through any of the 100+ distribution points for Geotourism Indonesia and take advantage of the program.

Media Sponsor – How does it work

Brands pay an affordable fee, supply a logo and link URL, and receive a digital proof of the print that will be created. Each Media Sponsor package is valid for a single print run of 10,000 flyers, which are then distributed. Geotourism Indonesia currently distributes 10,000 flyers per month, with plans to increase to 50,000 per month during the heavy tourism season. During tourism season the Media Sponsorship package price or features may change to reflect the higher volume. As a Media Sponsor you are credited with supporting the ongoing operations of the program, specifically by offsetting the cost of promotion and media.

Media Sponsor – What are the Benefits?

Tourists are the primary users for Geotourism Indonesia information services, including the Geotourism Website and our online and offline tourism guides. Geotourism Indonesia produces high quality, beautiful artwork that is used in our brochures are also contain the unique code that tourists use to claim their Geotourism program benefits. The main benefit to brands is that your logo is placed within what we think may be the very best souvenier that a tourist will purchase while on their trip!

Geotourism Indonesia is the premier “pure” tourism information program. As a nonprofit program, the day to day activities are supported through sponsorships and fees for promotional services. In keeping with the high integrity of the program, Geotourism Indonesia’s professional management makes all day-to-day activities, where possible, available as education and training activities for local individuals, providing “ready to work” experiential training in offline and online marketing as part of the social impact of the program.

Geotourism Indonesia currently offers a single exclusive Media Sponsorship package for several categories including FMCG brands, financial services including banking and insurance, transport, and grocery. F&B operators are not eligible to participate as media sponsors.

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