Geotourism is a multi-stakeholder program that works as a partnership in Indonesia. The program creates activities for youth and opportunities for young adults as well as an informative and engaging world class tourism information program complete with treasure hunts and special events. jobs, a positive image for the area, and encourages those employed or receiving benefits in the program are encouraged to make charitable donations towards specific NGOs. Participating NGOs use donations to create scholarships for Creative Industry skills training programs that prepare disadvantaged youth for Creative Industry employment. The Creative Industry plays a large role in making local communities great by creating works of art and culture.

Geotourism Indonesia is promoted in cities and counties by local individuals and retailers as well as city and municipal governments. You may find local retailers or residents offering “Membership Pariwisata”. These membership cards grant you access to the shared resources of the local community. These resources include art and multimedia created by local youth, maps and descriptions about local arts, culture, and nature, as well as special promotions from program sponsors including restaurants and shops.

Everyone works together to make the Geotourism Indonesia program a success, and we welcome your feedback. Please use the form below to send in your comments or questions, or write to us if you want to start a Geotourism program in your local area.

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