Geotourism is a multi-stakeholder program that works as a partnership in Indonesia. The program creates activities for youth and opportunities for young adults as well as an informative and engaging world class tourism information program complete with treasure hunts and special events. jobs, a positive image for the area, and encourages those employed or receiving benefits in the program are encouraged to make charitable donations towards specific NGOs. Participating NGOs use donations to create scholarships for Creative Industry skills training programs that prepare disadvantaged youth for Creative Industry employment. The Creative Industry plays a large role in making local communities great by creating works of art and culture.

Geotourism Indonesia is promoted in cities and counties by local individuals and retailers as well as city and municipal governments. You may find local retailers or residents offering “Membership Pariwisata”. These membership cards grant you access to the shared resources of the local community. These resources include art and multimedia created by local youth, maps and descriptions about local arts, culture, and nature, as well as special promotions from program sponsors including restaurants and shops.

Everyone works together to make the Geotourism Indonesia program a success, and we welcome your feedback. Please use the form below to send in your comments or questions, or write to us if you want to start a Geotourism program in your local area.

Geotourism Club

Are you a young entrepreneur? Young at heart?

Starters all over the world have joined our Geotourism Club to learn how to use advance software and community building processes in their own business. You can use the same professional tools and become an expert on building up your own business while workking with a fun and interesting international group

The Club has a monthly cost, and provides access to the following benefits:

Personal MapGuide site for Learning and Marketing

Setup of Geotourism Map Guide Features on the site

Access to thousands of WordPress plugins

Step by Step plan for building your local business

An hour of support each month

Contact us if you interested in joining

Geotourism Guide

Geotourism Map Guides are a resource for locals and tourists alike. A Map Guide is a showcase for all the features that make an area unique.

The Club has a monthly cost, and provides access to the following benefits:


Works of culture and art on display, museums, statues, murals, and fountains.


Museums, places of worship, or sites of special historic significance including battlefield or the site where a treaty was signed.

Access to thousands of WordPress plugins

Scenic viewpoints, local wildlife, parks, waterfalls or a variety of locations that are of significant because of their natural origin.


Sites where the local people gather, form together to perform activities that define or are representative of the unique character of the place. This could include local food production or processing, the production of local arts and crafts, the meeting place of the local government and more.

The non-profit Local Routes Foundation publishes several Geotourism Map Guide websites. We welcome you to participate in celebrating the points of art, culture, and nature that make each of the featured communities unique.

The Geotourism.Guide platform can be used to start your own local map guide. Enter listings for the points of interest for your local area.

You can contact the Local Routes Foundation any time for help with getting started with your own MapGuide. We are here to help! We provide a variety of consulting services drawing on decades of experience with community development, technology, and more.

Geotourism Center

Create a Geotourism Center in your community to guide visitors and locals alike to care for and preserve the natural and cultural wonders that make your area unique.

This program is designed to provide tools and consulting to local community stakeholders. In most cases a Geotourism Center program is undertaken by a local non-profit, usually a destination management organization, working in concert with the local government.

The Geotourism Map Guide is one way to start out your project.

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Geotourism Center provides tools and training for community based geotourism programs.

Geotourism is a model for regional stewardship and development that takes a multi-stakeholder approach to include the active participation of multiple stakeholders. Community involvement increases the chance for success and satisfaction, minimizes potential negative outcomes, and ensures that tourism development plans include the needs of the residents.

The Geotourism center offers both training and tools for community programs, including a suite of software applications and a great model program that shows how youth can be a part of a lively local tourism information program.

Here you can find a short overview about how the Geotourism Center’s program can help your community build a successful program to include multiple stakeholders.

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