The Local Routes Foundation produces online tools, curriculum, and program support services for community based Geotourism programs.

The Geotourism Map Guide program is designed to be facilitated and delivered by youth and young adults in social and economic cooperation with local stakeholders including government, business, residents, and tourists.

Participants engage a “learn-by-doing” approach. [tabs style=”boxed”] [tab title=”Culture and Heritage”]Participants survey and engage the community to learn about and document local heritage, culture, and nature within the community. Participants encourage and learn to facilitate event driven interactions between stakeholder groups to within the local community to uncover the unique character of the community. Participants gain experience from interactions with participants in their own community, with participants throughout their home country, and with participants from around the world. Participants use and share the Geotourism toolset to document their discoveries and share them with the community.[/tab] [tab title=”Entrepreneurship”]Participants engage with local business leadership to deepen their understanding of the role of business in economic development, and to develop their own strategies for engaging in regional economic development. Participants take an active role in connecting business to solutions for sustainable development to minimize negative impacts and to enhance the local community as a destination for tourism. Participants engage with business to listen, learn, and to provide solutions that benefit everyone.[/tab][tab title=”Technology”] Participants learn to use technology to improve their local community, and enroll community stakeholders to participate in community development programs. Technology and collaboration make it possible for Geotourism Map Guide programs to network all the stakeholders of the community together  to engage directly in the success of the program.  Participants focus on technical skills including data science, computer programming, and data driven software development as well as soft skills like public speaking, debate, and facilitation.  Participants engage the community as the ‘producers’ of the community’s data about tourism activity in the region, providing stakeholders with insights and good news! [/tab][/tabs]

Local Development Organizations

Local Routes Foundation is now accepting applications from local Geotourism development organizations wishing to partner for 2017.  Click the button below to find out more.

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