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Geotourism Indonesia is running strong in Bali and now you can see “behind the curtains” with our Onsite program. Sign up for one or more weeks to see the positive effects of a strong Geotourism program in action!

Onsite Program Overview

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. Most cities and towns can only hope to create organized, revenue producing tourism information programs to spur on their local tourism economy. The Geotourism Indonesia was created to make it possible for any location to develop a world class tourism program, step by step, and in a network of support with other programs around the world.

Geotourism is different than most tourism information programs. Geotourism programs are focused on information useful to tourists, instead of offering tour or travel packages for sale, like some other information programs produced by travel or tour agencies. This creates the opportunity to partner with almost every tourism related business in your area.

During the onsite you will see with your own eyes how our distributed team has conquered difficult challenges, saving you time, energy and resources that you can apply directly to your local program. There is no better way to start up a local program than by copying an existing program!

In addition to learning the “nuts and bolts” of a tourism promotion information program, you will also learn detailed information systems procedures that can make managing your local Geotourism program much, much easier.

We haven’t forgotten the most important part, though: tourism! Of course you will also have ample free time to visit local destinations and to compare and contrast what you find with your home area.

Program Activities

Onsite includes a number of activities to prepare you for starting, launching, administering, and growing a local Geotourism program in partnership with the Geotourism Indonesia. Regardless of the length of your stay, a customized curriculum will be created to meet your specific needs and will include at least the following activities.

  • Map Guide Creation
  • Map Guide Marketing
  • Sponsor Recruitment
  • Partnerships
  • Platform Training

Program Particulars

We work together with a host of local partners including the WINS Foundation and VIP International. You can view detailed information about visiting Indonesia here: https://www.vip-international.net . Attendees are responsible for all expenses related to travel including but not limited to, visa, transportation, lodging, food, and insurance. For information about Social visa sponsorship fees, please see the VIP site.

Program Fee

The Onsite program fee is $240 per week, Tuesday through Sunday, and includes 2 meals each day. Registration is required 2 weeks in advance.


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