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Your donation make sit possible for youth in Bali to gain important skills that they can use to gain employment! Skills are “Creative Industry” skills like multi-media, design, and even web programming!  Youth gain skills by working on community projects that create Art for the community. Make a donation today to support this program.

Youth are Discovering and Capturing the local treasures of Bali.  Participants create Art! Projects include photography, text, and maps! These are just some of the Magical Treasures Treasure Room.

When we meet our fundraising goal we will open a Treasure Room in Bali where you can come and explore all the treasures of Bali!

Participants gain important skills, including an appreciation of local arts, culture, and heritage, the subject of the Art Projects. Using paper, paints, and multi-media computer aided design to create their works, they keep going to learn programming to display their works of Art online.


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Join the Treasure Hunt! With every $5 donation receive an Honorary Membership card. These cards feature youth Art and make a great gift. Also, each Membership card comes with a unique membership code. Use the code to follow along with student progress online!


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Donations support monthly Bali Arts Workshops held in villages all over Bali. During these workshops many participants use paints for the very first time! Participants have FUN making postcard size art using watercolor and other media.

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Our Goal – Online Magical Treasures Museum with 1000 Works of Arts & Culture – $36,000

Did you know that Bali is home to 2 different UNESCO special zones? First there is the massive World Heritage site known as the “Subak System” in Jatiluweh. This mountain-spanning “living system” integrates community and nature in an amazing way. Next there is the UNESCO Geopark, where thousands of people are living in the smoky volcanic caldera! These are just two examples of the Magical Treasures that will be captured in the Online Magical Treasures Museum.

With your support the youth will survey 1,000 Magical Treasures, capturing photos and images and map data into the Online Magical Treasure Museum. 24 local youth will invite you to follow along over the course of 3 months. Use your own personal Access to the Online Magical Treasures Museum to watch it happen!

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Community Micro-Museum of Magical Treasures – $12,000

If we surpass our first goal we will apply up to $12,000 to the creation of a “Treasure Room” in Mengwi, Bali. The “Treasure Room” will be a “micro-museum” where local youth exhibit their creative works and supplement their livelihoods. Visitors to the Treasure Room can view the Magical Treasures, learn more, purchase souvenirs, and meet local artists. Everyone can join in to protect, appreciate, and celebrate the Magical Treasures of Bali.

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