Geotourism Program Stages

Audience: Program Teams
Description: The Geotourism Indonesia is home to a wide variety of programs. In this page you can read about different stages that a program can go through.

Geotourism programs exist in many different shapes and sizes. Some programs are produced by large industry councils, counting on support from advertisers and counting business associations as members. Some programs are hyper-local, and curated by an individual or small group.

Every program that highlights the unique features of the place is the “right” program because that is the purpose of geotourism. Each program can do the best it can with resources available to involve multiple stakeholders and progress towards positive influence on the local economy and development.

Stage descriptions

Size – Size will refer to the number of people involved in the program.
Stakeholders – Stakeholders will be a list of the stakeholder groups involved.
Projects – Projects are collections of activity that have a beginning and an end.
Operations – Operations refers to the procedures that are carried out regularly and even continuously. Operations are different that projects because they may have a cyclical period, but are usually ongoing and do not have an end date.

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