Audience: Organizations, Organization Account Owners, Organization Support Team Members
Description: How to make great coupons!

Everyone loves coupons!

First, why should organizations make coupons?  Coupons make membership attractive to tourists and residents alike. Coupons keep your customers coming back, again and again.

There are three (3) different ways to offer promotions and coupons. Go to the “Replies” page of the Management Application.

  • Set “Tourist Member Only” Reply for coupon
  • Set a Reply as a featured promotion
  • Set a Reply as a secret (non-featured) promotion

Recommended Percentage Discount


Recommended Minimum Purchase Amount


Recommended Coupon and Promotion

“25% off purchase of $10 or more thru 4/30/17”

Terms & Conditions for Restaurants

Food Only
Excluding Aclohol
Dine In Only
M-Th before 7pm Only

Terms and Conditions for Shops and Services

Prices ending in 7 only
Pink dot items only
Locally made products only
M-W only

Coupon Terms and Conditions

In general, customers should only pay tax on the adjusted amount of the bill.  The adjusted amount is the amount of the bill after the coupon has been applied.  This handling for bill amounts is declared in the “Coupon Policy Signage” available in the retail support kit.

Specific Days and Times
Coupons may be valid only on certain days like Monday and Tuesday only or at specific times like “Before 7PM”. This is a great way to invite customers at a particular time when you know your customer count is low. Perfect for salons or other restaurants and service providers that know they want to invite extra customers on specific days and times.
English Examples:  “T, Th only” or “T&W only”, “mtwthsasu only”, “Before 7pm only”

Restaurants – Exclude Beverages, Alcohol, or specify “Food Only”
Restaurants often realize important margins on beverages.  Use exclusions in Terms and Conditions to Exclude beverages or alcohol. A customer would much rather have a coupon with exclusions clearly stated than no coupon at all.
English Examples: “Food Only”, Excluding Beverages”, “Excluding Alcohol”

Restaurants – Specify “Dine in” or “Take Out”
If you want more dine in or take out customers, specify that in your Terms and Conditions.
Examples: “Dine In only”, “Take out only”, “Limited promotional seating, call for reservation”

Shops – Focus on 100% Local with “100% Locally Made Items Only”
Geotourism members are often seeking niche or locally made products that “bring the adventure home”.  Find a way to mark your price tags for locally made items so that customers can easily discover them in your shop. In the terms and conditions of your coupon write “Locally Made Items Only” to show customers you are focused on the local economy.

Shops – Use Price Tag marking for Bargain Hunters
If you have a group of items that give you a higher margin, try marking the price tags by 1) setting the last number to “7” or 2) place a mark of some other kind on the price like a “red dot” so that customers can easily identify the goods.  In your coupon Terms and Conditions write “Only for items with “red dots” or “prices ending in 7”.

Specific Exclusions – “Not valid for X, Y, Z”
In some cases you may want to participate with a high value coupon, but limit the coupon by excluding specific items that are important for your daily revenue. In this case you can use a simple exclusion of the specific products, services, or up to a specific amount.
English Examples: “Not valid for perms or manicures”, “Excludes milk, eggs, and bread”, “Valid for purchase up to $200”

Support Kit Coupon Policy Signage
Be sure to print a copy of the coupon policy from the support kit. Post the policy in an area where customers can read it, and where you can point to it if customers have questions.

English Examples

  • “25% off purchase of $10 or more thru 4/30/17”
  • “Save 10% off purchase of $10-$50 valid thru 4/1/2017 T&C apply”
  • “10% off purchase of $10 or more”

Indonesian Examples

  • “Min beli Rp.200K diskon 20% s/d 4/1/2017”
  • “Diskon 20% beli Rp.200K s/d 4/1/2017”
  • “Potongan harga 20% min Rp200K”


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