Cornerstone Survey Training

Audience: Organization Survey Team, Organization Support Team
Description: Survey for Cornerstone Partners

Criteria for Cornerstone Partner

Established Organization, in operation for one or more years.
Management is available, and can meet in person or through email to endorse the Geotourism Principles and to make decisions about join marketing and promotions.
Customer Experience, the management and the organization put emphasis on customer experience and can understand the value of a regional promotional program.

Step by Step Survey for Cornerstone Partners
Use Mapillary to capture street view images of busy commercial areas
Review Mapillary photos
Capture information about potential Cornerstone Partners in the Survey Application
Research each potential partner on the web to complete their profile information
Approach the potential partner with an email containing a link to the Cornerstone Partner documents

Calculate anticiapted number of Cornerstone Partners

Local Population / 100 = TO, Estimated Total number of Organizations in the area
TO / 10 = TCO, Total Estimated number of Cornerstone Organizations in the area

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