Geotourism Indonesia is a community based education and training program. Tourists can learn about the nature and culture of Indonesia, young adults gain technical skills while collecting and organizing information about villages, and there are even training courses for young adult entrepreneurs who need to use the internet to grow their business.

The overwhelming majority of trainees in the Geotourism Indonesia program enjoy an experiential learning program called Tourism Villages. In this program the trainees and everyone in the community can join together to make a MapGuide.  MapGuides are multimedia maps that showcase the natural, cultural, and community features of their home area.

The MapGuides have been collected together into the Village MapGuides application. The application is available in Google Play, with advanced features for offline maps, or you can use it online anytime through a modern browser.


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FAQ – You can find the answers to more frequently asked questions inside the Pages of the application. Check it out now, easily, just by following this link.
Nonprofit? – Yes, Geotourism Indonesia is an education and training program with scholarships for young adults and especially girls. The program is supported by organizations and individuals who want to make technical training opportunities more widely available for girls and young adults in the developing world.
Donations? – Yes, Indonesian organizations can read more about Organization subscriptions and other opportunities to support the program here. [/toggle]


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