Youth & Young Adult Activities

The Geotourism Indonesia is a not for profit charitable program. We raise funds for scholarships for Arts & Culture and Creative Industry Experiential Training.

[typography font=”Nothing You Could Do” weight=”bold” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”#434343″]”Fine Art is Fun” for Youth[/typography]

“Fine Art is Fun” workshops engage youth to create works of art inspired by local culture, heritage and nature. Events take place in public spaces where kids can stretch out and practice with watercolors and more.

Sponsor a single youth participant for $10.
Sponsor a seat for a youth particpant each month for $10/month.
Sponsor 12 youth for one workshop for $120.

[typography font=”Nothing You Could Do” weight=”bold” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”#434343″]Heritage Survey Skills Training[/typography]

Young Adults use mobile and desktop multimedia tools to document and engage with the local arts, culture and heritage of their local and nearby area. Heritable innovations are “captured” with a process inspired by the Heritable Innovation Trust. ¬†Building on their skills, participants branch out to share their work with the wider community. Skills are immediately useful for starting a Map Guide program, a sustainable eco-friendly social enterprise.

Sponsor a Young Adult’s Skills Training for a Sustainable Future for $500.

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