Geotourism is a multistakeholder partnership.  What does that mean?  It means that there is something that each and every one of us can do to protect, preserve, and enhance the arts, culture, heritage, nature and people that make our world and our home areas unique.  On this page find a short overview of each of the primary stakeholder groups, and then follow the links to find out more about each one!


Visiting new places is fun and interesting.  If you are a tourist, then, you probably have lots of curious questions about the place you visit, the things that you see, and the people that you meet.  Geotourism Programs are one way that locals can work together to better meet the needs of tourists, residents, and still take an active role in protecting culture, heritage and nature.  Read more about Tourists as Stakholders…


So, we all have an area that we call “home”.  Geotourism programs are a great way to gather your community together to rally for Arts & Culture & Heritage.  It isn’t just about “Tourism Economy”, and anyone anywhere can start a Geotourism program now.  Follow this link to find out more about what residents can do with Geotourism right at home!

Local Organizations

Tourists and Residents alike rely on the services of local organizations for food, lodging, transportation, and so much more.  While not every local organization is directly serving tourists, most local organizations derive some benefit from the happiness and good functioning of the local economy. Each local organization has role to play in Arts & Culture, a role that means joining together with local residents and other stakeholder groups to improve the “gross national happiness” of the local area. This is “good for business” and a positive demonstration of social responsibility for the organization.

Corporations and Outlets

Corporations and their local outlets can also take a positive role in local, regional, and national Geotourism programs. It is absolutely appropriate that large organizations take an active, socially responsible role in the local economy and do their part to support programs that impact the local economy for development and access. The local economy relies on a wide variety of actors, and, the role of corporations in the local economy is to discover appropriate ways and means to play an active, supportive role in the “happiness index” of the areas where employees call home.

Youth and Young Adult Activities

In this section we talk about the activities that are organized for youth and young adults and populations with disadvantages. The Geotourism Programs work together to create “learn by doing” training and development activities that are accessible to youth with a junior high school education and higher. The training curriculum is available for formal or informal settings. Participants learn Creative Industry job skills like multimedia design as well as informative. The primary charitable activity of Geotourism program is to do fundraising to ensure that local young adults and people with disadvantages can also participate in the program.

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