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Organizations are critical to the continued growth of the economy in Indonesia. Register for one or more Organization Training Subscriptions to make an investment in your organization and your staff, an investment in the economy, the community, and an investment in Indonesia.

Geotourism Indonesia has created a special training program for organizations. Your trainees will have access to a wide variety of online courses, including international tourism standards of service, technical skills training, and specialty courses developed for organizations with corporate social responsibility programs.

Geotourism Indonesia provides scholarships for disadvantaged young adults from rural areas, with priority for females. Scholarships are supported through Organization Training Subscriptions. When your organization registers for an Organization Training Subscriptions, then subsidized training seats are created for rural youth.

What is the program duration?

The Organization Training is an ongoing training. New courses and materials are added regularly. Choose courses that are appropriate to your staff and meet your organization’s need.

What is the cost?

There is a setup fee and monthly fee for each training seat. Discounts are available for 20+ seats and annual payments. Please see the pricing section for more information.


Organization Training seats come with a variety of benefits:

Tools and Settings

A Secure Cloud Account and PIN Code will be created and assigned to your training contact, providing access to tools and advanced settings including surveys, documents, training materials and communications tools for your organization.

Course Access

Gain access to and enroll in unlimited courses. Choose from a wide variety of courses, with new courses being added all the time. Pay special attention to the Geotourism marketing course, which explains how to use program materials to maximize your organization’s participation and benefits.

Organization Survey

Participate in the organization survey to share your organization’s feedback about the program. Your contributions can help the training program respond to new trends quickly.


Access special reports with information about Geotourism training and program development across the community,. View profiles of training program participants from rural areas, and access charts and graphs showing from the community marketing program, organizational surveys, guest feedback, and more.


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