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Welcome! Are you here to join the thousands of nonprofits improving their communities with Geotourism programs? Read on to learn more about it!

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We are nonprofits working together with a powerful set of tools for improving our local communities and economies.  Are you a “local” nonprofit?  Is your mission to create opportunities and positive change in your local community? Then maybe a Geotourism program is right for you!

The first step will be creating a Map Guide, to map out the resources in your local community.  After that you can use even more advanced tools to link supporters into your local program.

Sounds like a lot of work?  A big program?  Need to get a grant first?  Wait!  Stop right there!  A single individual can jump start a map guide with only a week of effort!  Our family of local programs has worked for years to make the first steps achievable!  You can do it!  No barriers!

Read on to learn more about the opportunities you could be creating in your local community.

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Geotourism was popularized by the National Geographic Society (before Fox). Geotourism programs are aligned and work together based on the Geotourism Principles and the Geotourism Charter.

The Geotourism Indonesia is the place where local programs collect together resources for sharing with other programs around the world.  Nonprofits from all over the world are working together to improve their local communities and economies by offering new types of training for a changing world.

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Geotourism is a community based economic development program, and the Map Guide is the “kickstarter” project to get your local program started, but it is just the first step.  When we say community based economic development, we certainly aren’t saying you can do that with just a map.  What we mean is connecting your community up to celebrate and develop opportunities together, to realize the untapped potential in your community, and to create local resources needed for a happy, safe, and thriving community full of rich connections.

Geotourism is a multi-stakeholder program. In your program you can bring together other nonprofits, tourists, residents, government, business, and youth to work together to develop opportunities.

Geotourism is a way for our community to come together and create value and activities that no single business could do, and that the government or chamber cannot do by themselves without active participation and stewardship from the local residents.

Geotourism is focused on civic outcomes, benefits for local residents that will also improve the climate for local business, make and even create support for local nonprofits like you!  However, this is a “big” program.  That means it has the potential to “touch” everyone in the city, and there may be a lot of competition for who or what organization should lead it.  Be aware of that as you read the short list of steps below.  but in a voluntary methodology that invites good will from each of the stakeholder groups to lead to positive outcomes for everyone.

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Geotourism programs create a virtuous, “circular economy” of benefits between stakeholders.  Virtuous cycles are based on generosity and gifts, gifts that come from the voluntary participation of real people.  In the spirit of generosity, the first step in starting a new local program is to create a gift for the community.  The Map Guide is that gift, a new resource for the community to share.  Not everyone will understand the significance, at first.  People will ask you many questions like “What’s the difference between this and Google Maps?”  Everyone will have questions, and the more you learn, the more you will be able to answer their questions with wonderful, appreciate, generous answers that put the focus squarely on what you and the community can do right there, right then, to make a difference. You will find lots of resources on the site, and more in our learning programs.

You can follow a series of step by step guides to both create your Map Guide and build opportunities for additional stakeholders.  on top of that effort into any different program stages to involve more stakeholders and more opportunities.

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Connections.  Create connections in your community, and share the good news.  Create a Map Guide and connect everyone in your community together to create a tremendously valuable resource just for your local community. Read about the next steps!

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