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What is Geotourism?

Geotourism is a fun and interesting way to play an active role in making the world work for everyone. Instead of sponsoring a single child or saving a single animal, Geotourism enables you to work with a large team of sponsors to create solutions for entire communities! Plus, there are lots of fun games and contests.

How Does it Work

Sign up for one of the annual memberships below to start your journey! We will send you a kit to help you get up to speed with the progress so far, and then you will receive regular email about new contests and games that make life more fun.

What Are the Benefits

Sponsors enjoy a wide variety of benefits, so let’s list a few:

  • Contests, Games, and Giveaways
  • Window into development
  • Real updates from real people
  • Opportunities to interact with the community
  • Opportunities to visit the development communities!

Get Started

Get started and sign up today! Let’s play!

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