Geotourism programs work together to produce Geotourism center, but, Geotourism is really about “local” and “re-localization”.  Each program and their local guide is a product of a local community. Sure, there are lots of companies that collect information, but only Geotourism programs are created by the local community with multiple stakeholder groups, and it is the only not for profit tourism rewards program led by individual communities

Geotourism programs link together the stakeholders in the local community to work together for common, positive goals including protecting, celebrating and appreciating local Arts, Culture, People and Nature. Benefits linking the community together include more and regular events for residents, better information for tourists, and the feeling of a “tight knit” community that comes from stakeholders working together and talking often

]Many services are available to make “just a mp”.  Geotourism is an “asset based community development” program designed for communities large and small.  The Geotourism Indonesia provides the only platform and step by step program or starting a local Geotourism program.  The Geotourism platform is “purpose built” specifically to support a non-profit, regional, multi-stakeholder development partnership that specifically benefits youth.  The Geotourism platform may not be perfect, but it is under constant development, and designed specifically to serve the needs and outcomes of a Geotourism program as described in the Geotourism Principles.  Here are a few examples of how the Geotourism platform is specifically designed to serve these needs:

  1. enables local stakeholders to re-use data for program related outcomes and goals.
  2. enables local stakeholders to updates or message to and from system profiles with a persistent, unique identifier.
  3. enables special features for specific stakeholders to minimize the time and effort required to accomplish important tasks.
  4. enable tourists to use local data (instead of licensing (often out-of-date or inaccurate) information from a foreign conglomerate (that has no connection to the local economy)).
  5. operates in a non-profit, not-for-profit partnership model (and with a cooperative, too, if that is useful) and is, at the end of the day, an important support for fundraising for Youth and Young Adult Activities in the developing world.
  6. anyone can start a map guide and see how it works, anywhere in the world.  Right now!  -> Map Guide

Geotourism programs is how residents, local business, government and tourists can work together for shared goals. Tourism is a complex “industry”. Each stakeholder group has different needs and wants. Geotourism is a way for each of these groups to work together for the best results.

Geotourism isn’t just about tourism. Everyone has a role to play to build the local economy and perform stewardship of Arts, Culture, Heritage, and Nature. Geotourism isn’t about “exploiting” an area for economic revenue; it is about working together to protect and enhance a place in such a way as to include all the people and animals and plants who live there.  There is a set of “Geotourism Principles” that guide Geotourism programs, and part of the activity of a Geotourism program is to make it possible for all the local stakeholders to learn how they can play an active role in making the principles real in their home area.

More specifically, many of the Geotourism programs featured on this site start off with a “Map Guide” program.  In this program one individual or a group can follow a step-by-step process to map the tourism locations of their local area, and then offer this guide to tourists who visit the city.  In most cases, each country has a “Tourist Membership” that grants the holder access to each of the map guides within that country. Donations for memberships are part of an international fundraising campaign.  Donations go towards enabling developing world Youth and Young Adult Activities that foster a deeper appreciation for Arts, Culture, and Heritage while simultaneously training for Creative Industry job skills including reading, writing, photography, and more. A number of program participants contribute actively to Wikipedia projects and OpenStreetMap.

Compare and Contrastki

Trip Advisor and Geotourism are similar and different. Trip Advisor and Geotourism are similar because both provide tools for tourists and local business. Trip Advisor and Geotourism are different kinds of organizations. Trip Advisor is a for-profit commercial enterprise, and Geotourism is produced by local nonprofit organizations within the local community. Sponsors can use Trip Advisor and Geotourism to get the best of each.

Tourists using the Geotourism program guides support local people, real communities of real people.  Geotourism program guides are a better choice because they are created by and support local communities.

Local programs means local outcomes, and support for the social goals of the local community. Geotourism is an “open” program, so, you can start a local program in your own community, and join in to help and be helped by other program communities.  It’s the best of all worlds because you can be local, act local, and act global, all at the same time!

articipants in Geotourism programs contribute to both Wikipedia and Wikivoyages, especially information about public services that don’t change often.  However, much of the information about destinations is better kept up to date by the individuals on site at the location.  Geotourism programs extends the efforts of local community’s efforts to share the features that make their community unique into the sharing of information and media, too.

It takes the fun out of it, a bit, to take ourselves too seriously, but, no, this isn’t “just another app”.  Geotourism is one of the ways that our local communities are responding to local needs in a world that is rapidly changing.  Some of the programs have been running since 2011 with only paper and the software makes things a lot easier.

There are in fact actual people involved!  This does matter!  This matters to a lot of people, actually!  Why does it matter?  It matters because it could be you, next!  Seriously!  Have you looked at the tourism program that is currently operated by your city?  What percentage of revenue in your area is created by locally owned businesses, and what percentage is related to tourism economy operations or exports?  What infrastructure is currently available for disaster notifications or local economy mapping in your area?  How do children in your area access advanced training in computer aided design or engineering?  It matters because the answers to those questions matter.  Geotourism isn’t just about tourism!  It is much, much more…it is the only international non-profit program we know about that enables multi-stakeholder development through the use of labor saving software and robust economic partnerships.  Really!  It is a real thing!  And it is happening in LOTS of places!  You should start a local program yourself.  There are already participants who do all of their traveling to other program locations moving ideas back and forth.  Why?  To improve the quality of life of residents.  Where?  Everywhere!

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