Geotourism Club

Geotourism Club members work together to map all the Arts, Culture, Heritage, and Nature that make communities unique.

People of all ages, and from all over the world, join the Geotourism Club to gain new skills to create new works of art and online treasure maps that showcase the finest features of our communities.

What’s your interest? Are you working on a tourism map? Do you want to gain skills like photography, design, or the art of conversation? These are all great reasons to join the club!

The Geotourism Club is THE place for peer learning for ALL the Skills needed for your local Geotourism program including:

  • Making a Map Guide
  • Sponsor Services
  • Tourism Information Program Management

Peer-to-peer learning plus “learn-by-doing” activities mean this is a self-paced program with a team, a community of peers, everyone working in their own communities and learning from each other.

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