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"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."


More About Geotourism Guide

For Tourist

Geotourism Guide is a nonprofit program that provides girls with an experiential training opportunity to gain skills in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. The girls operate local programs in different areas of Indonesia, and each program helps with local nature conservation efforts as well as empowering local community residents to take an active role in planning for positive impacts from tourism.

For Nonprofits

Contact the Local Routes Foundation to learn more about the tools and training we provide. We are eager to help non-profits provide more girls with opportunities to drive positive change related to tourism in local communities around the world.

For Sponsors

Businesses and individuals able to ensure that more girls can participate in the life changing experiential training program. Take pride in the work of the program participants and enjoy a host of benefits including the advanced tools and technologies that participants make available.